Approach & Process


We commit to two overriding perspectives that drive our business:

  • The end customer must be an active partner in developing successful financial product and services.  This requires a segmented, customer-driven approach vs. a product-centric one.
  • The programs we create must directly tie into our clients' broader corporate goals and drive measurable results against those goals.

Our experience has demonstrated that the most successful programs are defined by how well they serve these two perspectives.



There are two key aspects to our process:  First, we join your team and actually "do" the work versus provide commentary on what you should be doing.  Second, we use a proven process, unique to Partner Advisors, that ensures we create value:

  1. Define a strategy around the end customer segments and overriding corporate goals.
  2. With the strategy and goals as a guide, source providers.
  3. Using detailed terms, drive a contracting and closing process that eliminates surprises and directly supports the strategy.
  4. From launch onwards, continue to develop the program aggressively and not "wait" for a contract cycle to address evolving needs and opportunities.

Financial Product Focus

Payment Products

  • Cobrand Consumer and Small Business Credit Cards
  • Debit Programs
  • Reloadable/Open Loop Prepaid Cards

Wealth Management

  • Demand Deposit/Checking
  • CD and Money Market Programs
  • Goal-based Savings and Investments
  • Mortgage and Lending Programs

Rewards Programs

  • Rewards Program Strategy and Development
  • Value Proposition Strategy
  • Merchant Funded Rewards Networks
  • Discount Programs

Insurance Services

  • Insurance (Auto, Home, Term Life)
  • ID Protection Programs
  • Specialized Products

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