About Us

Founded in 2002, Partner Advisors is a highly focused financial services advisory company driving innovation in partnership programs, including cobranded, affinity, private label, and hybrid programs.   We are based in Wellesley, Massachusetts and develop programs on a national and international scale.

If your organization wants to offer card/payment, banking, investment, or insurance programs to its end customers, we deliver the capabilities and expertise to create, market, and evolve breakthrough products leveraging third party banks, insurers, and investment companies.

We developed our process to focus on the larger strategic goals:

  1. Define a financial services program strategy with unique solution packages for various segments within a consumer base and leveraging key marketing channels
  2. Source best-in-class providers to offer the most comprehensive and well-suited products per target market
  3. Structure the deal terms to align with overall partnership goals
  4. Optimize program performance on an ongoing basis, develop and source new marketing channels, and continuously investigate new products.

Financial Product Focus

Payment Products

  • Cobrand Consumer and Small Business Credit Cards
  • Debit Programs
  • Reloadable/Open Loop Prepaid Cards

Wealth Management

  • Demand Deposit/Checking
  • CD and Money Market Programs
  • Goal-based Savings and Investments
  • Mortgage and Lending Programs

Rewards Programs

  • Rewards Program Strategy and Development
  • Value Proposition Strategy
  • Merchant Funded Rewards Networks
  • Discount Programs

Insurance Services

  • Insurance (Auto, Home, Term Life)
  • ID Protection Programs
  • Specialized Products

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